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Medical Office Equipment Appraisal

Compass Medical Appraisals provides the medical office equipment appraisal services that empower you with the information necessary to take charge of your medical practice. Our medical equipment appraisal is ideal for both hospitals and physician’s offices.

Why Medical Equipment Appraisal?

We recommend at least an annual appraisal that gathers supporting evidence. With a medical equipment appraisal, you can demonstrate that you are fit to practice the branch of medicine that you do practice.

During the medical equipment appraisal, you can also explore professional developmental needs. We facilitate self-review with the information that we gather throughout the appraisal that covers the entire scope of the work.

Our medical office equipment appraisal helps you reflect on your practice and performance with one of our appraisers, which enables you to demonstrate to others that your practice is up to date and on the cutting edge.

We also appraise your hospital or physician’s office to identify learning needs and if you and your staff work according to existing organizational priorities. When the appraisal is complete, you will be empowered to plan how to improve your services and operations.

Why Us?

For over 40 years, Compass Medical Appraisals has offered medical office equipment appraisals. We use our experience to offer you clear and precise appraisal services that focus on the most important elements of your practice so that you can continue to improve and offer the best services to your clients and patients.

You can use the medical equipment appraisal to assess your own progress. We understand that you and your staff rely on the information found in our appraisal to demonstrate to others your fitness to practice medicine and to continue to better your own work.

Discover how your hospital or physician’s office matches up to your organizational priorities with a medical equipment appraisal. Call 317-969-8400 to arrange for Compass Medical Appraisals’ services.

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