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An annual appraisal and supporting evidence, are key to demonstrating your fitness to practice whatever your branch of practice. A medical appraisal is also a key opportunity to focus on your professional development needs. A medical appraisal is a process of facilitated self-review supported by information gathered from the full scope of a doctor’s work.


Our healthcare business valuation experts, many of whom have prior clinical or administrative healthcare backgrounds, and who are skilled in providing fair market value (FMV) opinions and healthcare business valuation services for hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, physician practices and numerous other diagnostic and therapeutic healthcare organizations. Due to the ever-changing issues impacting the healthcare regulatory environment, a determination of fair market value requires a specialized knowledge and experience that only HealthCare Appraisers’ team of experts can provide.


New Student Information
  • Willingness to learn a new profession
  • Ideal for full or part-time opportunity
  • Every item is appraised. Equipment, art, personal property
Why A Medical Appraisal
  • To ascertain a value for many reasons.
  • Hospital mergers
  • Hospital buying out Physician Practices¬†
  • Clinics or Surgery Centers Hospitals bankruptcy
Overview of a Medical Appraisal
  • What and why Medical Appraisals
  • Who are the potential clients
  • Is the training on going once I finish this course

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Compass Medical Appraisals has 40 years experience in providing machinery & equipment appraisals and inventory appraisals. We also provide medical equipment appraisals, liquidation support services, expert witness testimony, and litigation support.