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Compass Medical Appraisals provides independent, confidential, and unbiased business valuations prepared in accordance with industry standards.

Compass Medical Appraisals provide certified business appraisals exclusively for Hospitals, Physicians, Medical Groups, and Clinical Organizations nationwide.  Our certified healthcare appraisers provide independent valuation guidance for assessing fair market value for medical practices, surgery centers, and health businesses nationwide.

Appraisal reports are used for various purposes including:

  • Sale of a medical practice or services Practice performance evaluation and analysis
  • Partner buy-in or buy-out
  • Medical practice merger or consolidation
  • Practice performance evaluation and analysis
  • Practice financing
  • Divorce, estate, tax, or financial planning

Assessing the value of a medical practice entails extensive analysis of the geographic health services market, business, economic, and market conditions. We undertake a detailed examination of financials and clinical data in the context of numerous factors including medical specialty, physician supply and demand, payor mix, regulatory environment and regional dynamics.  Our methods and approaches adhere to accepted standards of healthcare practice appraisal and utilize direct market data to reach justifiable conclusions.  These are documented in a comprehensive report which is tailored to meet the need of the specific engagement.

A business appraisal is a professional analysis of the worth of a business or business interest based on the consideration of all of the relevant facts. Each valuation is as unique as the business being appraised. The appraisal process involves extensive research and analysis tailored to your business and the purpose of your valuation. The complexity of business today makes it important for a business owner to know the fair market value of their business at different stages in its life. Valuations play a critical part in all strategic transactions. Some of the reasons a business owner may need to know the value of their business or business interest are: merger, acquisition, buying or a practice, creating or revising a buy/sell agreement, determining loan value

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Compass Medical Appraisals has 40 years experience in providing machinery & equipment appraisals and inventory appraisals. We also provide medical equipment appraisals, liquidation support services, expert witness testimony, and litigation support.